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To the dull mind all nature is leaden. 
To the illumined mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light. 
Living with an Angel,   ABOUT MY DAUGHTER JOANN

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Read the Introduction

Payment for Passage

Having been catapulted into the sea of violence, shock, grief and the U.S. Justice System with the violent death of my daughter, I struggled for years to get my head above water and learn to swim in this new, often painful sea of reality.  Notice on the cover of my first book, Payment for Passage there is one lonely feather on a seashore.  Read about the cover and see how my now angelic daughter was doing everything possible to communicate with me but it would take several years for me to reunite with my beloved daughter.  Underscoring the importance of living in the moment, as yourself,  I prove that living in fear and anger is NOT living at all and you can overcome it. Simple but illusive truths are bountiful throughout the pages as I invite you to journey with me as I share my soul's transformation.

Embracing the Human Journey

The cover of my second book is an ocean view with me walking peacefully along the shore surrounded by spiritual sparkles and two sets of footprints, illustrating the path that Joann and I are now walking together.  Because of our closeness during her human lifetime I am now able to become Joann's "vehicle" for delivering messages of healing to all of us.  You are invited to join my angel Joann on an inward journey to your soul.  There are spiritual questions to answer, spiritual techniques to incorporate into your daily life and spiritual exercises.   Joann guides you every step of the way on a beautiful spiritual trail as she reveals the meaning of our earthly existence from an angel's heavenly perspective.   Following her heavenly footsteps on each page, you begin to embrace life with open arms and celebrate the human journey.  

Copyright 2012 Janie Wells Payment for Passage promotes living in the moment as your authentic self.  This website is for assisting with personal transformation and proof that angels DO exist.  It is not meant to replace therapeutic, medical or counseling disciplines.