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In 2001, Janie Wells' 30 year-old daughter, Joann, was brutally murdered. Within days of burying her daughter, she came to the realization that the way she handled this loss would determine her soul's destination in powerful ways.  Through her process of surviving and healing, Janie reminds us that we are all on an unchartered journey.  In this journey we will encounter all kinds of experiences. Some will bring us incredible highs; others will bring us to our knees in despair. Underscoring the importance of living in the moment, she offers us a proven formula that helped her and will indeed help us, if we trust it and follow it. She shows us that living in fear is NOT living at all and we can overcome it.


This profoundly moving book chronicles a mother's grief, the powerful ways in which she heals, and the growing realization that we are never separated from those we love. Even in death, our loved ones are present and exercise a power for good in lives.  Drawn from her own journal, Joann's journal, and interview with friends and relatives, this is a book powerful inspiration and practical steps one can take to become like a phoenix rising from the ashes of their seemingly destroyed life.

Drama, beauty, humor, miracles, inspiration, villains, angels....
all consorting to help humanity move their heads to their hearts.



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