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July 2, 1971 – October 7, 2001
Joann attended Franklin High School and played several years on the National Championship soccer team under Gary Shrader. She later attended Berry College in Rome, Georgia and got her Masters at Vanderbilt University.

Joann's Dream Written in a Journal

“I want to live where nature is astonishing with waterfalls and a simple life. I want to reach out and help others heal from physical, spiritual and emotional wounds. Part of the practice is out west and mom is there too. It is an education and wellness center for children to feel safe.
There are as many animals as possible. I want to continue growing and travel to places I have never seen.”

Joann's Outdoor Classroom

Bowie Nature Park

A beautiful and healing memorial
for a beautiful and amazing soul.

Our Secret Garden

Joann went to Franklin High School, Berry College and Vanderbilt University.  Upon graduation as a Family Nurse Practitioner, she accepted a job with the National Health Corps to help the underserved medical resources in Blue Ridge and Ellijay, Georgia.  She helped over 3,000 patients with physical problems, emotional wounds and those that just needed a listening ear in two short years.   She lived in a beautiful cabin on top of the Cherry Log Mountain Community next to the Appalachian Trail.  One Sunday afternoon she met her death and transcended from an earthly angel to a heavenly angel at age 30.


Joann loved children, animals, best friends, her family, mountains, hiking trials and waterfalls.  She was a natural healer and teacher; bringing courage and love to everyone she met.  She was the most beautiful, caring, supportive and loving friend a mother could have.  She climbed the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming many times with her mom and repelled the steep, rocky cliffs with the ease of an eagle.  She had a deep connection with people, nature, good friends, a loving God and most importantly with herself and her personal journey.  No challenge was too big.  She went to every measure demanding to make the world a better place. 



Truth was the foundation of her faith, courage and love.  She never doubted her journey.  Joann felt very strongly that children should always have a choice and believed that healing, power and the truth reside in nature more than any other place.  Once while taking a walk, she was attacked by 3 large dogs.  After coming home from the emergency room, she said, "Mom, I sure am glad those dogs got me.  There was a small child in a stroller further down the road."  There was sign in her office saying, "If you cannot pay for your services, let me know.  Joann"    


Joann died living her dream.  The moment in time when I took this picture, she had just graduated from Vanderbilt, purchased her cabin on top of Cherry Log Mountain and was about to embark on her physician's career of helping to heal others every chance she was given.


Joann's Days at Berry College

Joann had a desire to help others and focus on learning all there was to know about caring for the physical container our soul must use to live here on earth.  At Berry College she helped a teacher that became a great friend, Dr. Gina Sharpe, build a Fitness for life center.


She graduated from Berry with all As except for 1 B.  She was so mad at herself when she got a B in swimming.  But a teacher in our school system that went to Berry with Joann said she taught him how to swim. I can only imagine that she was more concerned for everybody's safety in the water than how to do the backstroke. 


From that point on...every time I visited her at Berry College, she took my blood pressure and about 10 other readings.  You see, she was always afraid something would happen to me and I couldn't be there for her....little did we know!

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