Nestled in a hardwood forest in the middle of Fairview’s Bowie Nature Park   
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Velveteen Rabbit with Rabbit Rangers

8th Grade Creative Writing Class

Noon Cannon Sundial

Nature Art inspired by
sculptor Andy Goldsworthy
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Trinity Elementary fifth grade students went on
a field trip to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts
in Nashville. They viewed a new exhibit of works by an artist unfamiliar to them. The exhibition, Andy Goldsworthy: Mountain and Coast Autumn into Winter, introduced students to the idea of environmental art.

A field trip to Bowie Nature Park in Fairview followed the next week.Students were asked to work collaborate in small groups and create their own art from nature. They were reminded to be respectful of their environment and construct using found materials only. Otherwise, students were allowed total freedom in creating their designs.

A digital camera was used to photograph students as they explored the park and as they worked to create their art. Final artwork was also documented just as Goldsworthy documents his work. Students had a wonderful learning experience and were responsible in returning the site to its original condition.

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Maggie's Journey in Her Own Words
Margaret Nichol Vaulx's voice was heard and her spirit soared in Joann's classroom
September 10, 2011 when Ross Hudgins told her story and carried us through her
life and times with his PowerPoint presentation. Maggie will be remembered as
the first voice heard using the power of technology, thanks to the devotion
and hard work by the Friends of Bowie Nature Park.
Maggie Vaulx  Ross Hudgins   Friends of Bowie Nature Park

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