Nestled in a hardwood forest in the middle of Fairview’s Bowie Nature Park   
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Press Release:

Imagine kids perched in a classroom set in the middle of a forest—a place where they may work with computers, or watch a PowerPoint demonstration, all while completely surrounded by nature.

The imagination becomes reality this Saturday, September 17, at 10 a.m. as Bowie Nature Park in Fairview holds an “electrifying celebration”—the formal turning on of electricity at Joann’s Outdoor Classroom.

Joann's Nephew Kyle, Brother Cayce, Janie, Nephew Patrick

The classroom is located a short hike into the woods from the park’s Nature Center, and Jenny Herrera, park program director, says the addition of power will greatly enhance learning opportunities for both children and adults.

“By having electricity we can have different groups down there that need electricity for their activities or programs,” said Herrera. “So for instance, if they wanted to do a PowerPoint like we had at NatureFest, where a gentleman was doing a Civil War presentation, it will allow for the addition of the technology into it—because that’s how kids and people in general learn today. So basically this lets us fuse the nature and the technology.”

Perhaps the biggest boost of all, however, will be to the city’s annual summer camp program for kids.

“Sometimes it would be kind of dark down there, with all of the shade and everything, and it was hard to do crafts with the kids on cloudy days,” said Herrera. “So this allows us to have more light, and then for hot days we’ll have the fans to help keep the bugs away and keep it cooler. So generally it just makes it much nicer for the kids at different days and times.”

The electrical hookup was made possible by a $6,000 grant from Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation, along with an additional $1,000 raised by the Friends of Bowie Nature Park, for a $7,000 total cost of the installation.

Janie beside the new photo of Joann on the Stage

Fairview City Officials attending the cermony

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