Nestled in a hardwood forest in the middle of Fairview’s Bowie Nature Park   
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Janie Wells had Joann’s Outdoor Classroom built in Bowie Nature Park Oct. 2002 in memory of her daughter Joann Tiesler. Ms. Wells wished to donate something to the park as a memorial for her daughter Joann whose life ended on October 7, 2001. The classroom is a 1,000 square foot facility that can seat 100 people and features a stage, 2 lockable storage areas, mobile tables and benches, a wooden fence with gates, tin room and even a copula with a bell.
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Fern Top's Forrest Classroom

The Christmas Memory Tree


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Its primary use is as an outdoor classroom to support the park and schoolteachers when students come to the park for nature classes. The classroom is designed to be as multifunctional as possible.

Joann’s Classroom Fee Schedules:
All Rentals $75 [and must be approved by parks department]  Reserve

Memorial Walkway
Visitors to Joann’s Outdoor Classroom pass along the memorial walkway. There are footprints embedded in this tranquil sidewalk and an engraved brick next to the footprints. The bricks have been placed in memory of children who have died and the footprints represent the endearing spirit of these children entering the classroom along side the living children carrying with them the joy of childhood.

The classroom provides a shelter for rainy days and a sense of serenity throughout its surroundings.  Activites include educational programs, weddings, scout events and any other event that enhanced the quality of life.

The classroom is beside a vernal pool nestled in a hardwood forest.  There was no need to remove any trees during construcction so nature was left undisturbed with this selected site.

Joann's Outdoor Classroom    ♦    Location: Bowie Nature Park    ♦    Bowie Lake Road    ♦    Fairview, TN 37062    ♦    615-799-5544