A beautiful wedding in the rain at Joann's Outdoor Classroom
Emily called very excited to tell me the classroom was decorated for a wedding and it was raining in Fairview for the first time in 3 weeks.  When the rain turned into sprinkles I grabbed my camera and headed to the classroom. 

There wasn't anyone there as I began taking pictures of the wonderful decorations.  Then I heard voices of people coming down the pathway to the classroom.  I was a mess, wearing my torn bluejeans from cutting the grass right before the rain started earlier.  I was tempted to leave quickly and take an alternate path back to the parking lot.  Then I heard a little girl crying because she had walked in mud and was covered up to her knees.  She was all dressed up for the wedding and was going to be in the wedding. I could see the fathered was flustered as he put down the huge box of decorations, etc. he had come to place in the classroom before the guests arrived.  I forgot about my appearance and offered to take Haley (as I came to find out is her name) up to the nature center and get her cleaned up.  He was very surprised and excited that I would do that.

On our way up to the nature center I learned that her name is Haley and her aunt is getting married.  She has never met the man but he has a good name and is in the military so he must be nice.  The ranger said I could use their utility sink. As I went to lift her up to let her sit on the side of the sink shevsaid she was a bit heavy but we managed and I hosed off her shoes first and then feet and legs.  She was very pleased that she cleaned up and looked pretty again.

We walked back down to the classroom and her father asked my name.  When I told him he called his sons over and said, "This is the lady that built the classroom and puts the Christmas Tree up that we get ornaments for every year. 

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You can see my new little friend Haley is very proud of being
all cleaned up!
I was invited to stay for the wedding but told them I had all and much more that I had come for.  Part of me wanted to stay but really didn't want to greet guests with wet hair and torn jeans. As I walked back up the path to my jeep I shed several tears of love for Joann and gratitude for the wedding taking place at her classroom. 

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