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About the Cover 

After you read the book, you may wonder about the significance of the red feather on the cover - redbirds are never mentioned in the book. The meaning is not in the content of the book but in the process of its publication. I have come to believe that angels have their own unique personalities and thoroughly enjoy the magical ways they communicate with us.

I wrote nothing in the manuscript that I sent to Ozark about redbirds since that is a very personal gift from Joann I hold deep in my heart - a redbird that visits me during important occasions or when I need assurance. I knew she was excited about the final version of the book when a multitude of redbirds flew in front of my car the day I got the final edits from Ozark’s editor. A month later I was informed that my book was on the internet for pre-order. I had been waiting anxiously to see how a cover artist would interpret the book and when I saw the cover I could hear Joann say, "Bet you can't miss THIS proof that I am with you Mom!"

After sitting speechless for what seemed like an hour, I emailed Ozark explaining the significance of redbirds in my life and asked how they came up with the cover.

This was Julia’s reply:

Oh my goodness, Janie. How awesome!! John (our artist) always uses his intuition to create the covers. I wasn't sure where he was coming from on this, but I knew it was perfect and didn't know why. Thank you for letting us know why.

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