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Payment for Passage      Amazon reviews

by Sherri Courtland       www.examiner.com    pdf        
Through her process of surviving and healing, Janie reminds us that we are all on an unchartered journey. In this journey we will encounter all kinds of experiences. Some will bring us incredible highs; others will bring us to our knees in despair. Underscoring the importance of living in the moment, she offers us a proven formula that helped her and will indeed help us, if we trust it and follow it. She shows us that living in fear is NOT living at all and we can overcome it. I know this because for several years, I suffered with crippling fear that gave me one panic attack after another and made sleeping impossible. Moreover, I was consumed with regret about everything I did or even did not do. I was desperate, but with no income, help was simply unaffordable. Janie's road map for healing and living life the way it was intended made me whole again. This is not just a story of one woman's heartache and healing, it is a handbook for the journey in life every one of us takes.
Ms. D.

This is a wonderful and inspirational book and it is great for anyone who has experienced any kind of loss and not just that of a child.... such as a job, relationship, home, etc.
- Emma

This book touched my heart more than anything I have ever read. The strength and character of JoAnn as seen through her journal entries was truly amazing and then to see Janie’s transformation is so inspiring.   I am becoming stronger and less fearful now that I have read “Payment for Passage” and have bought additional copies to share with others in hopes that this book will be as inspirational for them as it has been for me.


After the mindless and savage murder of her daughter Joann, Janie Wells sank to the depths of self-pity and anguish. Through faith, dedication and tenacity of purpose she managed to pull herself back from the abyss of hatred and despair. Here she chronicles her journey from deep depression back to reality and wholeness. Her belief in the power of good over adversity shines through and is a beacon of hope to all. This is a true and fantastic story of a dedicated mother with a powerful sense of duty to keep the memory of Joann alive and restore herself. Her proactive, dignified and reasoned approach plus stunning results must be a model to others. The narrative is highly insightful and laced with pearls of wisdom. Her style is fluid and the book is an easy read. It is one of those that keeps you going back for another look.

- Malcolm Barnfield.

You have done such a wonderful thing sharing all this with whoever might need to read it. It is not preachy or like the to-do lists found in so many books. No one else will have the same needs that you had, but by reading your book they will see at least one way of going about getting through such tragedy.
- Kay
I wanted to let you know that Payment for Passage arrived at my house on Monday, and I read it cover to cover in one sitting!  Janie, you and Joann are such an inspiration to me.  Your book showed me how a horrific event can be survived and that, based on a conscious decision, life can be lived with joy and hope and without fear or pretension.  Your willingness to open your eyes to the physical world and see Joann’s spirit in everyday “coincidences” frees my spirit and shows me how I need to be more aware of what God and His angels are trying to show me.  Thanks for reaffirming my faith in God’s love and protection and for reaffirming that we will be spending our eternal life with God and all the people whom we have ever loved and touched. 
- Vicki

What an inspiration and journey .... the transformation you went through. The different emotions I went through as I read the book. I can't even imagine how difficult it was/is. Your book certainly will help many, many people, Janie. I know this book was written with Joann's help... which makes it even more powerful/inspiring. Again, thanks for sharing your journey with us.. Joann certainly was a very special person.. so are you. Proud of you.

- Ruth

Gentle but draws you in to see "what else"


Quite simply, the book is a masterpiece and your publisher knows it.  I read each page slowly, aloud, focused.  It was intense at times as I “studied” the important points, reading and re-reading them, amazed it was so much about ME.  I am rather relieved to learn that “Being in the present is a practice that has to be fostered” like “strengthening a muscle through repetition.”  If I practice it every day, it will get easier and easier, like any skill we want to perfect.  It will be clumsy at first, I’m sure, but one day it will come naturally.  I can do this. 

- Judy


 You are such a strong, loving, and brave women to write this book! It has open my eyes and heart to so many new things. Made me think about so much I would have never stop to think about.

Janie I just finished reading your book. I have always believed in angels and now I know one personally. What a wonderful witness of faith and the power of prayer. Thank you and Joann so very much. 

- Bill

I received my copy of your book this morning and I finished it this evening.  Thank you for sharing your heart with me and others.  I loved reading about Joann and getting to know the kind of woman that she was and the kind of angel that she is.  I love you and love the lessons that your life has taught you that you pass on to me! 


The book is so personal and moving.  I read it in one night and will read it again this time underlining for sure. Thank you Janie and Joann for coming into my life.
- Donna

I just finished the book and nothing in my life has ever touched me or been so inspiring. Joann’s Journal was not to be believed and I can’t wait to reread it as so many parts filled my heart. 

Quiet Noise  http://www.facebook.com/janiewellsauthor?ref=hl#!/myepilepsystory

Quiet Noise.....

I spent this past weekend away trying to escape from the reality of life. It is funny how when you go to find a quiet place to retreat to, that "quiet place" is really full of noise.....As I sat listening to the "quiet" all I heard was noise....The endless questions of why things had happened the way they did, what could I have done to change the situation, and what was I to do from this point forward?

During my weekend getaway I was close to a college campus that I love, so I visited the campus bookstore. While walking through the bookstore I came across this intriguing book called "Payment for Passage" by Janie Wells. This book was a story of renewal and transformation.....This book was just what I needed. The book allows you to see how Janie turned tragedy into a time of reflection and finding herself. One of the many things that I loved from the book was, "Worry is living a painful future ahead of time; Resentment is living a painful past as if it is happening all over again." I also loved this, " One of the key things to life is living in the moment." and another, " ....to survive the ordeal and live a painfully changed but productive life." and another, "Are you glad that you experienced the greatest love of all, or do you wish that Joann had never been born?"

This book has helped me on this journey of healing...

"Would I become a woman of faith or fear? As a woman of faith, I knew I had to believe in something beyond my touch and experience. As a woman of fear, I would always live life on the edge of madness since fear reaches out and destroys.

There is a perfect moment for divine intervention and for the soul to speak. That is the moment in time between a painful event and no decision for the future yet. The decision was immediate: I vowed to be a woman of faith. I knew that I would get lost at times since I had never traveled this path. I also knew I would experience periods of surrender and acceptance as I worked through my worst fears. The hope that healing was possible carried me past my fear of the unknown as I watched them place my daughter's once vibrant body in the ground. It is amazing how life forces soared into action with my single decision that day." ~Janie Wells, "Payment for Passage"

I am blessed to have worked through some things this past weekend and found a piece of myself....I will post pictures of this weekend so you can see the beauty that I experienced......I have found my perfect "Quiet Place".
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