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Janie and Joann's message goes beyond the story of pain to one of redeeming light and a great love for the fellow human. They inspire you to develop your own potential, to be self-caring, and to know yourself— to let go and be real. Janie loves connecting to others and presents in such a way that inspires trust. She feels tremendous compassion that seemingly allows others to open up and deeply hear the message she conveys.


Be prepared as you interact with Janie to embark on your own journey of living totally in the moment in a real and meaningful way. Everyone has been changed by loss, whether it is the death of someone dear, divorce, broken promises or unfulfilled dreams and many spiritual rewards go unclaimed because of the authenticity required to profit from a painful experience. Janie’s trust in her spiritual journey and the many rewards it bestows inspires you to be authentic. She creates a spiritual lighthouse that guides you back to the truth that each of us hold in our own being - the truth that all we are seeking here on earth is our own acceptance and approval. Her story heightens your awareness of the divine in everyday life and the enormous help, support and love available to every single one of us – there for the asking.


Janie has participated in capital defense team training, national conferences and university law student instruction, serving as a consultant, advisor, teacher and public speaker. Her speaking engagements include the Kiwanis Club, Washington and Lee University classes, the Virginia Bar Association’s Annual Defense Workshop, the Gulf States Victim Witness Law Enforcement Conference, the National Crime Victim’s Week in Georgia, the Fall Prosecutors Training Conference in Mississippi, the Annual Capital Habeas Unit Conference in Austin, Texas, Lowndes County Family Violence Task Force Conference and Valdosta State University’s Take Back the Night event, Hope Harbor's Take Back the Night in Bowling Green, KY and was a guest on the Metaphysical Hour with Dolores Cannon on BBS Radio.

Hope Harbor's Take Back the Night
Newspaper Article

Honor Your Worth ...
You are worth so very much.


Valdosta State University's Take Back the Night       Newspaper Article


Don't live in fear...

but live in awareness



Rogers, Arkansas    July 15, 2012 

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